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Author, hypnotist, and producer of the Mind & Body Wellness Program on hypnosistherapy.ca. I have been practicing hypnosis for over 20 years and have helped thousands of people across North America discover their full potential by tapping into the powers of the subconscious mind. There are many misconceptions of hypnosis, and I started this project to shed some light on them. So here I am. I am also the main hypnosis practitioner that will make custom hypnosis files specifically for you if you are interested.

8 Signs You Are A Deep Thinker

A deep thinker is often quiet and reserved, but open-minded, eloquent, passionate, and incredibly bright. Misunderstood by most people, deep thinkers are more than just reclusive introverts. Their minds are a maze of unmapped ideas. Deep thinkers are fascinated by…

8 Things That Makes Introverts Incredibly Attractive

Do you know of any introverts around you? Or do you identify as an introvert yourself? Like every personality type, introverts possess qualities that add to their attractiveness. Introverts can seem incredibly shy and socially awkward at first, but there…

13 Problems Only Highly Sensitive People Will Understand

Do you consider yourself a deep thinker and feel things much more intensely than others? If you answered yes, then chances are you’re part of the small percentage of people who are highly sensitive. Being a Highly Sensitive Person –…

Hypnosis For Addiction Recovery: How Hypnotherapy Is Used To Fight Addiction (PLUS Studies That Prove Its Effectiveness)

When it comes to hypnosis for addiction, most people think about its effectiveness when used to quit smoking. But in the same way hypnosis can be used for smoking cessation, it can also be used to help people overcome a variety of addictions. According to Medical News Today, an addiction is “a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance” despite the fact that it may be causing you harm. You can be addicted to lots of different things. Someone who is unable to stop taking drugs, alcohol, or nicotine, for example, has a substance dependence. Someone who is unable to stop eating or gambling has a behavioral addiction. If you have an addiction, by definition you are [...]

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[DEMO] How To Charge Your “Hypnotic Batteries” – Part 1: Igor’s Fresh Approach To Activating Your Hypnotic Trance State (H+)

Every good hypnotist knows it’s the secret to having a successful hypnosis session… … That in order to guide others into a deep hypnotic trance state, you need to activate that state within yourself first. Why is this so important? Simply put: your emotions and energy impact the people around you in an undeniable way. And in this video and hypnosis demo, master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski shares a new way of looking at H+ and why it’s essential for hypnotists to create a positive internal state before working with others. Check out this hypnosis training video and demo to discover: The difference between an “energy vampire” and a “charismatic” How to become a “hypnotic battery” so you have a stronger hypnotic impact on [...]

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Is Meditation Or Hypnosis Better For Goal Setting, Success & Stress Relief?

It’s a common question… “Is meditation or hypnosis better?” The truth is, they’re both excellent and proven practices. But our next response is… Hypnosis is the new black. And just like the color black, it can be “matched” with almost anything. It’s outrageously versatile and never out of fashion. In fact, the full list of things you might use hypnosis for would require another whole (and lengthy!) article. You probably already know about some of these, like breaking bad habits, managing pain, and weight loss, relieving stress and anxiety, and so on. According to some people, though, you can achieve some of the same results using meditation. While it’s true that hypnosis and meditation do have elements in common, it’s their differences that [...]

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5 Differences Between GAD and Anxiety

Anxiety, in general, is our normal reaction to stress. A healthy amount of anxiety motivates you to accomplish your goals. Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD, on the other hand, is a full-fledged anxiety disorder that involves intense and excessive anxiety…

8 Things That Make a Highly Sensitive Person Hard To Love

Have you ever wondered if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, also known as HSP? Most HSPs don’t even know that they’re HSPs, while others can't really comprehend what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person. They are often misunderstood…

7 Things Toxic Parents Do To Their Children

Toxic parenting refers to the negative parental behavior that inflicts emotional harm upon a child. Children may suffer from low self-esteem and low initiative when growing up in a toxic environment. The traits and attitudes of a child depend on…

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Covid 19: 5 Positive Mindsets to Have

Psych2go want to wish everyone safe and healthy during the outbreak of COVID 19. Please stay strong at this time; we will fight this battle together. It’s essential for all of us to do our part in taking a proactive…

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