Should you start or have a podcast? We’re at a time when no communication platform is growing more. It wasn’t long ago when we had a couple hundred thousand podcasts but as you’ll hear in this show we’ve now eclipsed 2 million. It has an incredibly easy entry point and you can get in with little cost and effort. The audience for podcasting continues to grow as well. So the question so many people are asking again is, should I start a podcast? Can you get anyone to listen? If you build it will they come? If you have a podcast, how do you grow it? I bring you my main podcast mentor, Jordan Harbinger. He started early on with nothing and today the Jordan Harbinger Show gets over 6 million downloads per month. I’m around 400-450k for comparison. Warning, right at the outside you’ll hear Jordan flat out state he feels very few people should start or have a podcast. Do not be disheartened, as he qualifies this throughout the show and I strongly encourage you to listen and you’ll get incredible insight into podcasting and whether you will be well served to have a podcast. Or not. This episode will give you the wisdom you need to have a valuable podcast, or save yourself a lot of time and hassle by realizing it’s not a good fit. If you appreciate Jordan, find him at The Jordan Harbinger Show wherever you get your podcasts.

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Source: Zig Ziglar