In case you aren’t a movie buff and missed it, Marvel and Disney’s Avengers: Endgame became the second highest-grossing movie of all time, surpassing the 2.7 billion dollar mark worldwide. While the movie is incredibly entertaining and does a great job bringing together all the 22 MCU storylines, there are some critical leadership and success lessons you can take away. The writers mixed in some incredible lines and hidden lessons for those that are paying attention.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, employee, entrepreneur, or high-achiever that’s committed to creating success in your life, use these success lessons to become stronger, more complete, and an optimized leader

1. Savvy leaders learn from past missteps and use them as a path to growth. 

“I went for the head.”

After killing Thanos, Thor, the God of Thunder, said this line referencing not going for Thanos’ head the last time they faced off. He learned from his past misstep and corrected the mistake. This part of the movie shows that even great leaders and success-seekers can correct missed opportunities and learn the lessons. There’s always a chance to make it right if you’re open. 

You demonstrate leadership at its finest and create lasting growth when you admit your missteps. This process starts with being authentic and honest with yourself and then others, if that’s applicable. Learn from each of your experiences, and don’t try to cover them up or blame other people or circumstances. If you don’t learn from the moments when you weren’t at your best, you will relive those moments and feel even worse. 

“You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me,” said Thanos. Don’t let your past decisions bring you back to a dark place. They were part of the journey and not an area that has to be your permanent home. 

2. Success means focusing on positive outcomes and controlling your emotions. 

“This is the fight of our lives, and we’re going to win. Whatever it takes” said by Captain Steve Rogers.

A true high-performance focused leader makes others believe in the mission. They create the seeds of hope, motivate, and show others what’s possible in every situation. Even when life and its circumstances may not be going as planned, focus on the positive — and what you can control. 

True leaders are the voice of reason in any crisis, and that is why they are followed and loved. The best leaders lead by example — not just in talk. People will follow your actions and believe what they see. Focus on positive and forward momentum. Don’t get caught up in the circumstances of life that you can’t control. 

3. High-performance optimization means understanding the value of time. 

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time.” – Tony Stark 

There’s a common myth that change and growth take a long time to create success and accomplish significant goals — it doesn’t have to if you’re doing the work consistently. Success-focused leaders understand that with the proper optimization plan, changes and goals can happen quickly.  

Authentic leaders don’t waste time, and they teach those they’re leading about the importance of time management, productivity, and making themselves a priority. Time is one of life’s resources that you’ll never get back. In Avengers: Endgame, you understand the importance of using it wisely. 

4. Successful leaders are focused on their vision and purpose. 

“As long as there are those who remember what was, they will never know what could be.” – Thanos

Whether in a job, business or through the content you’re publishing, the people you’re leading are bound to make mistakes. There are growth strategies that used to work to create success but don’t work now. There are tools and technology that has become out of date. 

Savvy success-focused leaders don’t live in the past. They understand what works, but they’re focused on the future vision and purpose driving their journey to create an unlimited life.  

Intentional success planning requires creativity, critical thinking, hard work, discipline, and courage. Having a clear growth strategy will drive future success. If you’re going to accomplish your goals, you need clarity on what they are. Set a plan for accomplishment and figure out what success means to you. 

Learn these life and success lessons from Avengers: Endgame, and watch your growth flourish. 

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