There’s more to life than lying to yourself each day.

That’s what many of us do and then we wonder why we feel like garbage and need to drink alcohol, get angry at random strangers and behave like idiots.

I’ve learned of late that the truth is beautiful. The truth is not always easy, but its immense simplicity is something that will free your mind.

I’ve learned over time that lying to myself is dangerous.

We can’t pretend we’re in love. We can’t pretend we are happy when we’re not. We can’t pretend to love our job if we hate it.

So if we can’t pretend then why don’t we stop?

Let’s stop lying to ourselves. Let’s learn to see life as it is rather than how we wished it could be. Take the good with the bad. Know that some days are going to be happy as Larry and other days are going to suck like that dirty rag you keep under the bathroom sink to wipe the toilet seat.


“I want to tell you something that’s crazy: the truth is far better when you’re open to it”

What I mean by this is that when you expect some stuff to suck balls, you find it easier to live in your truth. You expect stuff to go wrong and you learn to be okay when it does. To live the truth is the most vulnerable thing you can do. To live your truth is like playing the video game of life at the extra hard level and loving every bit of it.

What holds us back is when we live a lie. We tell ourselves stories that we know are not true so we can trick our brain to make our heart feel something that’s not real. Our heart knows the truth and that’s why you feel horrible when you lie to yourself.


I often sit quietly and contemplate the truths of my life.

I wish I were better at public speaking
I wish I could have done more travel by now.
I wish that I could affect more lives than I currently do.

Knowing these truths helps keep me grounded. I know where I am at and I know where to put my time. I can only get better each day and strive to overcome these challenges. That’s what makes the truth so beautiful. It’s like a compass that tells us what we need to do.

The truth stops your mind from wasting time on silly, little games that you play with yourself, and instead, focusing that energy on how you can live a purposeful life.

“Like I always say, we have all the answers we’ve always been seeking inside of us”

The truth is beautiful because it helps unlock those answers for us so we can get to work. So we can hustle with the feedback our truths give us.

I’ve always loved simplicity and that’s what the truth does. It helps us see everything we need to see. We no longer need to hide from our past or regret the future. I’ve also found that sharing your truths with others takes you to the next level. Sharing your truths is how you go from good to phenomenal.

It’s a vulnerable display, to say the least, but it will shape who you become. The truth is beautiful. The truth is even better when you share it with the world for everyone else’s benefit.

The truth is you. You can be phenomenal.

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