I have a wake up call for you. It sure woke me up. We all have a digital personality and we don’t realize it. We look at text, email, and even video such as zoom as communication tools. But as Erica Dhawan tells us in this episode, over 70% of our business communication is electronic instead of face to face. So 70% of our relationships are formed digitally. Erica says our digital body language is either helping or hurting every relationship we have. If you look at the next text or email as simply a method to deliver a message and not as a human interaction, you are missing it. If you think your all caps or exclamation points or brevity or emojis are sufficient, you’re about to be schooled. Ultimately it comes down to this, continue doing it as you have, or realize there is a far greater opportunity for your work and life success if you listen in and hear how you can make some key adjustments and use every text, email, or zoom to solidify and enhance your relationships and significantly increase your success. Connect with Erica at https://ericadhawan.com/ and find her new book, Digital Body Language wherever you buy books.

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Source: Zig Ziglar