Ernest Hemingway is famously cited as saying, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Amongst the writing community this is an oft quoted statement and frequently depicted in film and story. Trouble is, Hemmingway didn’t say it. In this episode I’m back with one of my favorite all-time authors, Donald Miller, and we’re talking about his habits. One he shared was stopping the nightly beer. While he appreciates it, his best writing time is in the morning and he feels the alcohol, even a little, slightly compromises his work. That right there is the essence of good habits, when we have a reason big enough for us to make the healthier decision. If you are struggling to keep up a desired habit, obviously your motive isn’t clear. This is an interesting show, as Donald is the open, honest, and introspective guy that made his memoirs sell millions of copies. We cover vices, heroes on a mission, mindset, the benefit of not knowing any better, and him considering if he has an obsessive compulsive disorder in relation to tacos. To help your habits, Don invited us to visit where he provides a life plan and daily planner course.

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Source: Zig Ziglar