I want to figure out what is healthiest, best, right, and true and just simply to that over and over again. Simple. Black and white. But alas, the world, humanity, and circumstances don’t often play along with these rules. Often we must discern what is best in one particular moment and the next and one may require an opposite response even though it is a very similar circumstance. In episode 777 I brought you master sculptor Scott Stearman and a very deep discussion on faith and influence. His new book is titled, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like,” we discussed influence overall and what perspective we are all painting with our lives? This is our Habits episode and in the Spiritual spoke Scott shares a perspective of seeking God’s will in specific circumstances and how he has learned to find peace in moment by moment discernment. It’s a big concept friends. Find Scott at scottstearman.com and check out his book, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like?” which was the focal point of our talk in episode 777.

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Source: Zig Ziglar