Dr. Cloud is a New York Times bestselling author, and his books have sold over 14 million copies. His groundbreaking book “Boundaries –  When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life”, Has become a personal development classic, often sitting in the top 300 of overall books in Amazon, even after 25 years! In this show we give attention to Boundaries, then dig into his new gigantic effort and discussing the art and training of leadership. Real Leadership. He has possibly the most powerful online class to not only teach you leadership, but to take ANY biz idea or startup through to create a solid, well worked out business plan. I’ve been around biz development all my life, and his online class is just unreal. I went through it myself and we unpacked it and more in this show.. Let me tell you, this is a show anyone and everyone will want to hear. Leadership is like sales, it’s ultimately about INFLUENCE, and we all must have this ability, as we can not serve a soul without it. Learning about it won’t do it, you have to do it – pen to paper, fingers to keyboards and implement. His course offers this opportunity on a silver platter. Thanks to Grasshopper ( to get $20 off your first month), iFit ( for a free 14-serving bag of iFit Nourish mix ), and Your Best Year Ever (get The LifeScore Assessment free – ) for supporting this show.
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