A world class comedian who is not out to get laughs. He is out to “give people the opportunity to laugh” and help set the stage for meaningful, purposeful content of the heart and soul. His personal mission is to “comedically inspire people to walk in purpose”. He is accomplishing this in massive numbers while on stage with The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, BET, Comedy Central, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and Tedx Talks. He will shortly be in a movie theater near you in a starring role for the feature film, “Selfie Dad”. Here is a novelty, he is a top ranked comedian who has no need or use for crude and vulgar jokes, imagine that. You will hear in the show how he views all of us, in living our lives, we are preparing and setting the stage. Why? For the punchline of our lives. The deliverable. Without that, it is simply a life of always preparing but never coming to the table with an offering. Nobody in The Ziglar audience desires this. So listen in to this interview and we believe you will be significantly inspired and empowered to do just that – Deliver. Connect with Michael at . Thanks to Grasshopper Virtual Phone Systems (go to to get $20 off your first month), iFit (go to for a free 14-serving bag of iFit Nourish mix and a shaker bottle), and Ziglar on Demand (claim a free download of Zig’s classic audio program: Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles, which later became his best-selling See You at the Top book, just by visiting (ZiglarShow.com/ZOD) for supporting this episode.
Source: Zig Ziglar