The original Shark Tank member himself, Kevin Harrington, is back with us. Inventor of the infomercial. His net worth of half a billion dollars he credits to creating relationships with his audience, that was the focus of our main interview in the previous show, #507. Today we find out what the shark does in his personal life. His daily habits. Some points we found out; he’s the same weight at 60 as when he graduated high school, he has a 15-min hotel workout ritual, he believes taking care of his fellow many is most important, he has a 30 year legacy plan for his career that will take him to age 90 and he has fun by attending sporting events. I do not believe there is much Kevin does, ever, that is not fully intentional. Find out what fuels his voracious appetite for progress. Thanks to Texture and Grasshopper for supporting this episode.
Source: Zig Ziglar