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Looking for a New Side Hustle? Get Paid to Write

Writers are in hot demand right now. While the coronavirus has had a huge impact on the world economy, some industries have benefited. And writers have benefited more than most. How? Over the last year, more businesses and their customers have been pushed into the online space, leading to a massive demand for new content. Many businesses now have a website and social media presence and are hungry for everything from product descriptions to blog posts to sales copy. Research firm Technavio predicts that businesses will spend $412.8 billion in 2021 creating new online content. That’s a lot of high-paying gigs for freelance writers. If you want to learn more about the massive opportunities available to freelance writers in 2021, and how much money [...]

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The Bookshelves of 20 Highly Admired Celebrities

What do LeBron James, Kendall Jenner, and Chrissy Teigen have in common? They love to read! We all know that reading has many benefits. Reading helps to reduce stress, decrease mental decline as we age, and improves focus and concentration. In fact, successful people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk credit their lifetime habit of reading as a crucial factor to their success. And it seems a number of well known celebrities have cottoned on to the benefits of reading too. Global English Editing has created a new infographic, The Bookshelves of 20 Surprisingly Smart Celebrities, which shares the favorite books of famous celebrities. Like the rest of us, these celebrities read for many different reasons. Lebron James likes to read to relax [...]

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