Entrepreneurs, business owners, and creative thinkers work long hours to ensure success and make a difference in the world. We are taught to focus on the things we can control, such as our efforts, marketing strategies, and developing our skills, but we are often afraid of one thing: change. Change is inevitable, and is something we have to learn to embrace.

Change is not good or bad, but rather neutral, and it’s up to us to give meaning to the word.

These are ways working professionals can embrace change and turn it into a positive.

1. Jump Right In

You may be able to resist some changes in life, but it eventually catches up to you because change is inevitable. Change is an umbrella term that can be applied to almost anything; it’s  all relative to the situation. 

Resisting change in a changing world will cause you to miss new opportunities to learn and grow.  The reason why many people resist change is because of the comfort zone, or the perception of comfort and security that comes from staying with what one is already familiar with. 

This a false sense of security that drastically limits you from trying new things and buckling down for the store because you are used to your own perspective.  You may be able to study for a test in school. When you take the leap you challenge yourself to learn more and become what you’re aspiring to be.

2. Reflect On Your Past Experiences

You’ve already been through more change than you think. Spend a few moments reflecting on your early journey- from elementary school, to middle school, then your first job or business; you’ve already experienced change in your life, but slipped into the comfort zone of adulthood because it’s what has worked for you up to this point. 

When you dive deep, you realize you’ve been through more than you initially realize and that going through more change will make you a greater version of yourself. If you go back as far as you can remember, you have been through change to some extent. 

You just have to tap into your past and embrace it to transform upcoming changes into valuable life experiences. You never know who you’ll meet, influence, or inspire.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is not complacency when you’re consistent about raising the bar in life. The word “consistent,” just like “change” remains neutral until you give it meaning.

Rather than consistently stay in your comfort zone and only do what you’re used to, rebrand your interpretation of consistent to include consistently reaching new goals, trying new things, and seeking opportunities to become a better professional. 

We become what we tell ourselves, so giving old words a new meaning transforms thought patterns and old self-limiting beliefs.  When you constantly seek new experiences, you never want to become stagnant again because you learn the rewards of evolving. 

You want to always be evolving so you can catch new trends and set yourself apart from the competition. Most average people, including your competition, aren’t always looking for new ways to improve or be different because they already feel like they’re better. 

You beat this way of thinking by embracing change and consistently evolving.

“Every day the clock resets. Your wins don’t matter. Your failures don’t matter. Don’t stress on what was, fight for what could be.” – Sean Higgins

4. Attitude…You Can Be Bitter Or Better 

One of my favorite motivational speakers is Nick Vujicic, the author of life without limbs. Nick overcame what others would call insurmountable tasks, all with a sense of humor and a smile.  He claimed that “attitude is altitude” and you can choose to be “bitter or better” about your situation. 

Change, as well as all other life challenges, serve as opportunities to make us stronger. If goals were easy to get, life would be very boring because there would be no need to challenge yourself. People become the strongest version of themselves when they are forced to leave their comfort zone. 

Think about how you’ll feel when you’ve accomplished what you are set to accomplish. When you finish a workout, for example. Your brain releases endorphins which make you feel rejuvenated. You can accomplish anything with the right attitude.

5. Respond, don’t react 

It’s completely natural to be taken aback when a change presents itself, but remember one thing- you can choose to respond to a situation, rather than reacting. When you remember your past, harness your strengths, and choose a positive attitude, you can accomplish your targets. 

One way to break up a project into manageable pieces is to take it one step at a time, or one day at a time. It may sound contrary, but slowing down (especially if you’re nervous or stressed) helps you stay centered and lets you approach life in a balanced way. 

Stress management techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, counting, and taking breaks helps you remain calm, while increasing productivity and focus by maximizing your physiology. This lets you approach difficult situations with a clear state of mind.

6. Take in everything and grow

This may sound generic, but uplifting when you’re back is toward the wall. Since change is inevitable, it’s best to embrace it and come out a better version of yourself. As stated earlier, it’s up to you to give a meaning to the word “change.” 

By reflecting on your past experiences and putting your best foot forward with a learning mindset, you cultivate your talents and become adaptable. Change is a process, just like life, and anything worth doing requires you to give it your all. 

No matter the situation, whether it’s a new job, purchasing a home, or learning a new hobby, everything takes time and patience in order to achieve a positive outcome. It’s okay to be vulnerable during this time- everyone is learning and it’s okay to need additional support during challenging times. 

Keep your eye on the prize and see how great you become after learning what you want to learn.

7. Tap Into Your Network

Your network is like your advisory board because they are professionals with unique experiences on a variety of topics. This is why it’s important to reach out and maintain relationships so you can grow amongst each other. 

Having a diverse network of professionals is essential to navigating new territory, not just because of access to industry knowledge, but also the confidence of knowing you have a team you can rely on. Not only can your network advise you, but you can then offer your new experiences to your network because you chose to learn and evolve. 

This creates a mastermind of working professionals who can overcome anything. You can learn something from anyone, and building your network increases your professional development and success.

8. See Where Life Takes You 

Life is full of possibilities and that’s what makes it exciting. Achieving that goal, mastering that task, finishing that project, mentoring someone new in the field, and so much more are the reasons to keep doing what you’re doing. 

You never know who you’ll meet or inspire with your journey so it’s important to be you and put your best foot forward. Embracing change is actually just the beginning to living a meaningful life you can look back on a cherish. 

When I say “see where life takes you,” it means the opposite of taking the back seat, and facing new challenges head-on to maximize your learning potential.  

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