Think about the positive emotion you felt when you watched or listened to a successful businessperson you admired. You thought to yourself how amazing their success is and imagined how life would be if you experienced massive success. The thought of being successful in life and in business comes with inspiration, excitement, high energy, and motivation.

But when it comes to the details and taking action, the journey to success may come with intimidation, wavering, hesitation, doubt, and trepidation. People don’t often express fear of success, but it is displayed in their behavior.

Behaviors that display fear of success include procrastination, making excuses, getting cold feet, not following through, self-sabotaging talks and not making decisions that will move you forward. Everyone’s meaning and measure of success are different, however, whatever your meaning of success, it is attainable.

Here are seven ways to kick fear of success in the face and move toward what your heart desires:

1. Dispel the mental lies

When we want to do something we’ve never done before, our thoughts tend to race. Thoughts run through our minds daily and we have conversations in our heads. Sometimes these conversations are similar to the analogy of the devil on one shoulder telling you one thing and the angel on the other shoulder telling you the opposite. The back and forth dialogue creates analysis paralysis. Any negative thing you’ve told yourself – stop now.

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” – Napoleon Hill

2. Don’t overthink things

Overthinking is an activity that contemplates possible outcomes in a way that is unproductive.  You think too much on a particular thing to a point where it affects your actions, thoughts, and emotions. When you overthink, you are slow to make a decision. When you hit this block, it’s important to get to a place you can clear your mind. Change your environment and do something different for a few hours. Speak to someone about your challenge. Usually, they will offer insight you may not have thought of. This helps you get out of the indecisive state.

3. Remove emotion and focus on the task

Have you ever done or said something you regretted while in an emotional state?  Emotional based decisions can potentially cause more harm than good. Emotions should not be a guide when making decisions. While I am not suggesting to ignore what you are feeling, I am however saying to be aware. Negative emotion can bring about impulsive actions or reactions. This is where being mindful can save yourself from emotion induced problems.

4. Think the opposite of your fears

Write out your fears. Then, write the impact this fear has on your progress. Next, write the activity you need to do to push through that fear. Take action and trust that something good will happen for you even if it’s incrementally. Focus on positive outcomes. Ask yourself, what if this does work? Then tell yourself good will come from it. This activity will put you in a mindset of accepting and preparing for the success you desire.    

5. Do what you fear most

This may sound cliché but this is a solid method to help you overcome fear. The more you implement this into your life the quicker you will see massive results. I heard one time that “fear is faith in the wrong thing”. When you take action on what you fear the most and come out on the other side alive and well, you will gain the much-needed confidence to do it again. The experience will provide you with ways to improve and you will realize that it was not as bad as your mind tried to trick you into believing it would be. So jump in and do it!

6. Surround yourself with those that take massive action

Those you interact with regularly have a huge influence and impact on your success. It’s true about what’s said about the company that you keep. If you surround yourself with mentors, visionaries, action takers, and doers, you will be inspired and motivated to do the same. Interacting with individuals that don’t make excuses and encourage you to take steps toward your desired outcome have a greater impact on your life than those that are merely satisfied, not interested in growth and find reasons not to do something that will move them forward.  

“The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.” – Tony Robbins

7. Use your imagination

In the book “As a Man thinketh” by James Allen, he discusses the power of thought. You have the ability to think your way into a successful life. Actions are followed by our thoughts so thinking successful thoughts will produce the right action. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Practice what successful people do, go where they go, dress for success, walk with a consistent pace and upright, and align how you speak to the success you desire. I recall listening to a Brian Tracy teaching telling a story about the time he was asked to teach about a topic he knew nothing about. He didn’t decline the request; he simply learned what was needed to be successful in accomplishing that request. You too have the same ability to create success for yourself.

This is not an exclusive list but when you have done these things and see results, you will experience a shift in your mindset. Fear will diminish and confidence in yourself and your ability will get stronger. Affirm your success daily, take action, and expect positive outcomes. Kick fear in the face and walk in the success your heart desires!

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