No one tells you about the amount of failure and rejection you are going to go through when you are “creating a business.” This could be one of the biggest reasons why so many great ideas never turn into successful cash flowing businesses.

Have you watched the video of skateboarder Christian Flores attempting to complete a Laser Flip over a triple set of stairs? It is 2 years of brutal punishment all caught on video.  Concussions, broken ribs, etc. But Christian finally lands this Laser Flip and it is glorious to watch it finally happen. That experience is exactly what creating and growing a business is like, but no one tells you that.

At one point during the video, Christian builds up a ton of speed, and right before he gets to the three flights of stairs he chickens out because he’s been getting his butt kicked consistently by these stairs and the fear of failing and getting hurt again overwhelms him.

If it isn’t yet, this will be your experience with growing a business.  Get ready to fail fast and hard. Get ready for people to tell you to get a real job. Get ready to second guess yourself. Get ready to completely change your business model, business name and marketing plan multiple times over the course of a year. THAT IS THE PROCESS!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

As you go through this process, your mind will keep asking you questions such as, “Is that good enough” and “Do you feel like you gave it your best shot?” With the root of these questions actually being, “Can I quit now because this is a lot harder than I thought it would be?” All of these experiences are tangible proof that you are on the right path, but what happens next?

Well this is the second part of the journey no one tells you about: You decide that even if you had all of the money you needed, all of the time you desired and the best relationships in the world that you would keep creating anyway!

This is due to you no longer creating this for anyone else’s approval. You are creating this business because this is about you proving to yourself that you can do this. This is about you creating your reality and achieving things for no one other than yourself! The cherry on top is a little bit of mindset work that reminds you that you can do this important work and allow it to be easy and fun.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!” – Goethe

So congrats! You are doing everything right! Continue to embrace the challenges and know that if you are failing more than you are succeeding, if it feels like those stairs are kicking your ass today, then you are more than likely on the right path!

How do you convince yourself to keep going when all hope seems to be lost? Let us know your advice in the comments below!

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