How To Prepare For Your Free Training In The Next 30 Days

We understand that we all have busy lives.  How many people do you know that are just busy being busy, but are going in circles?  Too many of us do not invest personal time for ourselves and we use excuses like there is not enough time in the day, or who has time for that.  Let me tell you right now, that not investing time for yourself on a daily basis is the #1 reason that people get stuck in ruts, have poor relationships, poor jobs, poor health, addiction issues, weight problems, etc, etc.  I could go on, but I can tell you from 20 years of being in this industry, that almost every single person that I have met that is struggling with anything in their life has not devoted enough time in personal development to get past the struggles they find themselves in.

Our program will not require a lot of your time.   In fact, the time it does require does not even have to interrupt your daily routine in the slightest.  It fits right into it.

Each day I am going to email you with your days instructions.  They are always the same.  They are very simple.  You will start your day with one of our 4 different lengths audio file, ranging from 8 minutes long, up to 30 minutes.  If you commute to work, this is the best time to listen to these files.  Pick the length of file that best matches your commute time and plug it in to your car stereo via your smartphone or listen to it on your smartphone beside you in the car.   If you do not commute, set aside a small amount of time after you get up, or get up earlier by 15 minutes or so to have your very own alone, quiet time with your affirmation file.

This will start your day right EVERYDAY.  Starting your day right is the key to having a very fulfilling life.   You will find that you will wake up on the wrong side of the bed hardly ever anymore if ever, after following our program.

The next part of the program is a mid day break, where you will follow our link on your days training page and read for 2-5 minutes on positive thoughts from our blog.  We have successful entrepreneurs, physical trainers, mental health experts all weighing in on our blog which helps align you with the right type of thinking for optimal health of body and mind.

Then finally at night time, you will listen to the days hypnosis file in bed. It will put you to sleep, then it will wake you up at the end, where you can take your headphones out, and fall quickly back to sleep.

That’s it.  If you commute, have a smartphone, and can take a 2-5 minute break mid day each day to recharge, you have everything that it takes to change your life dramatically in the next 30 days.

Committing to this program with the instructions on this page, WILL change your life for the better.  It does not matter if you suffer from depression, poor diet, relationship issues, or even if you are perfectly fine but always seeking personal development.  You WILL change your life if you follow these instructions to the letter.

Here are some things you should have to make our training more accessible.

1.  Smartphone or MP3 Player With Headphones

Almost everyone these days has an iphone, android, or blackberry with internet access.  This will be most helpful in listening to the hypnosis files because each day we send you your training, it will be on a webpage where you can download the file of the day and follow the training instructions for that day.  If you have a smartphone without headphones, stop at walmart or any local store today or tommorrow to pick up some cheap headphones.  You don’t need anything fancy.  10 dollar headphones will do the trick just fine.  If you do not have a smartphone, you can buy an mp3 player with headphones now for under 25 dollars too.  Smartphones have paved the way to make mp3 players cheap.  Either way, having something portable to listen to mp3 files, is ESSENTIAL to this program.  Hypnosis needs headphones to work, and the night file, you need to be in bed lying down in a relaxed state.  So make sure you have these things.  Our training starts the day after tommorrow.

2.  Reminder Notifications On Your Phone Or Calendar.

If your day is fairly routine, this is very good.  Routine is the recipe to success.  Set a reminder in the morning on weekdays that would time well with when you are able to listen to your dailyaffirmation file.  If you sleep in on weekends, set this time later on.  It doesn’t matter if the time changes, the reminder will at least remind you to listen to the file before you move on with your day.  Set another one for midday for reading of the blog.  This will be on your training page.  So once you get your email from me with a link to your day’s training page, bookmark the link, or save the email for easy access when you need it throughout the day.  Last but not least, set the reminder at bedtime to listen to your file to fall asleep.

3.  Add to your contacts list in your email clients to make sure my training emails make it through to you.

These are 3 things that will exponentially increase your success with our program.

Alternatively, if you are not getting emails, you can LOGIN to the site and you will be redirected to your training pages where you can choose what day you are on.  I prefer the email method, because it will remind you, and keep you on track.  If you just login and pickup on day 2 after 3 days of not doing it, the program will be LESS effective.  30 days straight and following the instructions will give you the best rewards for your program.

To Your Success,

Sarah Devon