Have you ever tried to solve a problem, only to realize you were focusing on the wrong issue?

For example, imagine your partner complains about a room being too messy. You might assume you can solve the problem by picking up a vacuum cleaner, only to discover your partner has a completely different idea of what messy means. They could mean the color scheme in the room looks messy, or the way the furniture is set up.

This happens more often than you might think — people try to solve what they assume is the problem, only to learn that it was something entirely different.

When it comes to hypnosis, one of the most important steps in helping someone solve a problem, is to figure out the right problem to solve.

And in this new video training, you’ll discover how to use the MetaModel to gather the insights you need to understand a problem at its core, making it much easier to find the best solution.

Watch the training to find out:

  • How to break down abstractions and get more details about your subject’s experience without deconstructing it
  • Why the MetaModel is helpful when working with revivification
  • Examples of how to combine hypnotic techniques with the MetaModel
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to “abandon” the structure of the MetaModel
  • How to avoid facing resistance from your subject when using the Metamodel
  • Why starting off with the MetaModel empowers you to use Mind Bending Language

So go ahead and discover how to use the MetaModel to find solutions to problems – big and small – more easily!

And lots more.

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