“You’re either a somebody, or a nobody.” That was one of the most epic quotes from the movie American Gangster and was said by none other than Denzel Washington. If we apply that quote to our own lives, it’s true. You have an idea, or a desire, or some kind of motive to make your impact on the world. Yet, if you are seen as a “nobody”, then nobody will actually care about what you think or plan, let alone that you even exist.

If you want to make an impact on the world, you have to be seen as a somebody! Not to everybody, but at least to the people that matter. And the people that matter are those who can influence the outcome or reality of your ideas, desires or motives.

Probably the best example of this is the Kardashian family. If you strip away everything about them, their core and story around their lives isn’t so dissimilar to what most people will experience in their own circle. So what makes them stand out? Are they famous for being famous or is it more than that?

It’s actually to do with their branding. If you look at the method that they have used since launching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, it isn’t too different from what vloggers, Instagrammers, or bloggers have been doing for the last decade.

Love them or loathe them, the tactics that they’ve used has allowed them to create an iconic brand that has allowed them to become successful. But what is even more valuable is how their brand has created the power to influence.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

How can you apply similar tactics to improve your personal brand and your ability to influence?

They used the power of storytelling and revelation to intrigue and build their audience. The Kardashians are always in the media because they feed publications with stories that can then be shared with their audience. People read the stories and the media outlets get paid with advertising. The more intriguing stories they create, the more media attention they will gain. This cycle allows them to have influence over the media. And they’ve been playing the cycle to their advantage for over a decade.

Additionally, their stories always have a sense of revelation. So when the story breaks, it’s typically something that is promoted in a similar way to a news story. It’s not uncommon for the family to use the “Human Interest PR tactic” to arouse interest in their family’s lifestyle. It’s a simple strategy, but it works for the audience that they are trying to appeal to.

Whether it was the “Kim Kardashian sex tape scandal” or “ The revelation of Bruce Jenner transitioning to Caitlyn Jenner”, there’s always a story that will keep their audience interested. The stories that they are sharing aren’t uncommon. In fact, several similar stories have broken before, but they are strategic in the way that they maintain their audience’s interest.

They continually published content on different media outlets

The Kardashians are consistent with their content promotion. You will not see a week go by without something being released by the family. For over ten years, they have created a loyal following that is always looking forward to the content that they release.

Whether it’s releasing an episode via their television show or participating in interviews, their audience always has something to look forward to. And it delivers the value that they are after, which is entertainment.

You can develop this with your personal brand simply by uploading content to your media outlets. This could be through blogging on your own website, uploading videos to YouTube, uploading photos to Instagram or even releasing regular podcasts.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” – Howard Schultz

Brand everything

The Kardashians are great with their brand building. Whatever they do, it is branded. Then people buy into the brand and what it represents. Whether it is something in the media or a product or a joint venture, they use their branding to expand the awareness and the perceived value of their name and what they stand for.

You must do the same. Brand yourself by putting yourself out there and create a logo or monogram that people will instantly recognise and associate with your brand. Then, use the brand in any documentation or watermarks on media so that people recognise the brand and what it represents.

Demonstrate your value

It is something that the Kardashians do very well. Their value is demonstrated either through the content that they share, the people that they associate with or the activities that they are doing. They live their lifestyle as they wish, but the improved perception of their brand is no accident.

The family understands that their reputation is everything. Especially since they have a multimillion dollar brand riding on the value that they demonstrate. For your own personal brand, it is the same. Whether you are looking to make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions, your actions and interactions must enhance the perception of your brand’s value.

Are you ready to make yourself somebody with influence?

It is much easier to accomplish nowadays due to the platforms across the web that can put you in front of a large audience. You don’t need an audience of millions, but you do need to build a brand presence that will appeal to the niche market that you are targeting. Typically, this will mean building an audience of 10,000 people or more. And you can accomplish this by using the very same tactics that the Kardashians used to build their empire.

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