Intentions – KEY Ingredient

By Kristen Howe

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“Love this! What AM I waiting for?? The time is now! This really resonated with me. I will do the 7 day challenge. Thanks for your positivity!”
– Shannon

Quick Tip

Are you ready to REALLY have this work for you? Great, let’s go…

Choose a small and easy area of your life where you have wanted *MORE* – and ask yourself this power question…

“What is one small intention I can have in this area?”

See, by asking this simple question, you are removing the non-specific and bringing in a specific focus point. THEN ask yourself this follow up power question…

“How can I have FUN with this intention?”

FUN is the key ingredient with intentions – and the strange part (I think) is that the element of fun rarely gets talked about. Think about it though – when things are fun, your vibration is high and your resistance is low – now you can see why FUN is such a vital element to include in your intentions (and everything else)!

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