In this difficult time of the Covid, Covid 19, coronavirus, which ever you prefer to call it, staying at home has never been easier, especially when you’re an introvert. But what happens when you’re someone who is extroverted or ambivert? Do you think staying at home would be difficult? None the less, if you’ve been keeping up with the Myers-Briggs Indicator Type trend, then you’re probably familiar with introversion and extraversion. But sometimes personality tests, although they mean well and have helped with career-building and personal development, they can still be…well…very black and white. In a perfect world, we’d only have to worry about two options. But, people are more fluid than that, and sometimes, things can get messy. What does it mean to be an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

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Script Writer: Catherine Huang
Script Editor: Steven Wu
Narrator: Wendy Hu
Animator: Janessa Jennings
YouTube Manager: Wendy Hu


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