Before you can manipulate your mind for success, you need to understand in simple terms how your mind works.

First of all, your mind has a memory. Whether good or bad, your subconscious mind remembers patterns. One-offs it can forget, but something you do every day, it won’t forget.

This very truth can fuel your success or bring your life to a grinding halt of disappointment. The choice is yours amigo!

Patterns are the beginning of a habit. Once you run a certain pattern for 30-days or more, you’re stuck with it – and it becomes a habit. Breaking a habit requires extra mental energy and it’s not easy. Again, this can be good or bad as we’re about to see.

“Starting from small, it becomes big” – Mo Seetubtim

This quote is the second fundamental thing you must understand about your mind before you can manipulate it for success. Small things you do become much bigger later on.


Here’s a list of small activities that lead to bad habits:

– Having some chocolate every day leads to sugar cravings. This leads to sugar addiction which leads to weight gain. That’s one of the main ways people become fat pigs with stomachs hanging out over their pants, and no energy to walk up the stairs.


– Putting through the wrong fresh vegetable on the self-service checkout so you can save money. It seems harmless at the start until you get caught. Eventually, if you keep doing it, you become a thief. Thieves get caught and end up in jail.


– Taking credit for another person’s work in your career seems innocent enough. That’s until you’ve done it so much that you become delusional enough to think you have skills and experience that you don’t really have. This will lead you to seriously mess up a business you’re involved with because you lied in the first instance to get there. Liars and people that cause chaos in business are remembered for all the wrong things. Faking your experience and skills eventually makes you a liar.

These three situations above cause negative things to happen to you.


The same is also true for good habits. Here’s a list of those:

  • Going to the gym every day, if done for 30-days or more, will begin to make you fit.
  • Resisting sugar each day, if done for 30-days or more, will balance out your energy levels.
  • Smiling at strangers, if done for 30-days or more, will make you happier.
  • Speaking in front of strangers regularly, if done for 30-days or more, will make you a confident public speaker.
  • Being compassionate towards strangers, if done for 30-days or more, will make you more empathetic.
  • Showing your romantic partner you care, if done for 30-days or more, will make you an awesome lover – and you’ll end up happily married if you’re not already.
  • Doing less so you can achieve your goals, if done for 30-days or more, will allow you to achieve your purpose in life – leading to fulfillment (the thing we all secretly crave). Reading daily, if done for 30-days or more, will accelerate your learning. This will make you smarter in the long run.
  • Writing articles full of advice on a topic you know, if done for 30-days or more, will make you a blogger (like me).
  • Throwing away to-do lists, and doing what you love, if done for 30-days or more, will help you achieve your real goals rather than everybody else’s wants and demands on you.
  • Watching one hour less of videos on the internet, if done for 30-days or more, will give you time to work on your passion.
  • Posting daily on your favorite social media channel and storytelling through your life and career, if done for 30-days or more, will 10X your online audience. That’s how you build a community of people and solve real problems.
  • Seeing your imperfections, if done for 30-days or more, is how you quit trying to be perfect – it’s killing your success and no one is perfect.
  • Showing kindness, if done for 30-days or more, is how you change the world.


I’m now hoping that you see a pattern. What you do consistently is producing your results – both good and bad. Force your mind to help make you successful by following thought patterns that lead to incredible habits.

Your habits are making up your identity. Your mind can either deliver you the habits of a loser, or the habits of a game changer who does the impossible.

Both of us have access to these two realities. Your habits begin from the patterns in your mind.

It’s time to start manipulating your mind for success.

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