I thought I’d be single, unhappy and poor forever.

Music always seemed like what I was destined to do, yet it never happened. I tried, but something didn’t work. I liked the end result. I hated the work it required due to my lack of natural talent.

What I loved most was:

1. To inspire people
2. To bring out emotion in people
3. To teach people something

I then dropped out of a business with my brother. I had it all: money, clothes, cars and a barbie doll girlfriend. Isn’t that the dream life? Absolutely no way. People thought I had lost the plot. I had.

I then joined a large organization and did the corporate thing. I took a massive pay cut and got forty-five minutes for lunch. Why would I do that? So I could find my sales personality that had been buried by all the failure and pain of not living a fulfilling life.

My corporate people leader showed me this thing called “Ted Talks.” I made a decision on that day that at some point I would be that motivational guy that inspired the pants off everyone watching. It took five years, but now I’m well on the path.

Every day, working that tough job, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

All I did was to make that happen was:

1. To inspire people
2. To bring out emotion in people
3. To teach people something

My next job was an intrapreneur role within the same organization which is what I do now. There are no hard and fast rules. Sign up partnerships and help tech companies come to Australia. Sounds simple enough.

This time, I compounded the results. If people do business with people then how could I do something cool? How could I be remembered ahead of everyone else so that I could give even more value? Blogging seemed to be the answer.

It took guts because it required me to be vulnerable and get out of my comfort zone. It’s hard to lay down your entire life in front of everyone you work with and know that they are going to judge you critically. “So what” I said. It’s now or never.

The blogging allowed me to do the following:

1. To inspire people
2. To bring out emotion in people
3. To teach people something


How can you make the most of your life?

The little anecdotes above from my career show the power of these three tools. These tools can be applied to any pursuit. These tools are the secret sauce that you need to make the most of your life. Whatever is missing for you can be discovered through these three tools.

The tools allow you to go outside of yourself. I’ve found that by using these three tools, I can attract the right people in my life to help me to achieve any goal I put my mind to.

At first, my anecdotes look like stories of failure. The point of them is that nothing in your life is wasted. While I failed at a few endeavors, I learned the three driving forces in life which continued to show up in every passion I had.

Each of us will do something different in our lives, but what will always stay the same is the three tools you need to stop wasting time, and start achieving your dreams. Every time I feel like I want to grow more as a person or have more success I remember that I need to do the following:

1. To inspire people
2. To bring out emotion in people
3. To teach people something


Why couldn’t you start now?

Most of us are not doing these three things. There’s no need to throw a tantrum.

“Becoming conscious of what’s missing in your life is the first step”

Add these three tools to your current passion. If you don’t have a passion then start experimenting. You can begin to love something without even intending to. The key is to try, fail, and then try again. Eventually, like I have with blogging, you’ll find a way to use these three tools.

Small steps are the best way to start using these tools. Setting some big goal with loads of complexity will stop you from moving into action. Commit to do one small thing for each of the three tools, every fortnight. Try them out and test your results.


I forgot to mention…..

These three tools only work if you do them for more than twelve months. If you do one inspiring speech, get no reaction and then quit, you’ll never see the results. Overnight success is for the dreamers who hope to be successful one day.

Hope won’t get you there pal. Working hard using these three tools will. Put every ounce of energy you have into showing people who you are with these tools. Leave nothing on the table. Let the emotion poor out of you.

Put opinions to one side. Forget the past for a moment. Act as if you were already successful because of these tools. Tell yourself regularly that you only get one shot. You’ll never get this breath right now back again. What have you got to lose?

The influencers and leaders you idolise are just like you. They’re using these three tools and laughing at how much success they can get because of them. These three tools will allow you to soar to new heights and come from a place of love. With love, we can achieve anything.

We can inspire a nation, bring down walls and create peace for everybody who lives on planet Earth. I believe these three tools can hep you make the most of your life. Do you believe?

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