4 Low-Impact Exercises That Power Up Your Brain

There's no doubt about it: Working up a sweat is good for our physical and mental health, particularly in the morning; it can also go a long way in preventing diseases like Alzheimer's. For a brain boost that's also easy on joints, add these four smart moves to your exercise routine. They help create new neural pathways because they’re challenging in their complexity and intensity, says Michael Gervais, creator of HeadStrong by Equinox, a brain-training workout. Gervais recommends doing these moves as a sequence, resting 30-60 seconds between each. RELATED: Here's How Morning Exercise Can Improve Your Work Day Image courtesy of Getty. Lateral Weight Shift Stand with feet 2–3 feet apart, toes turned out slightly. Shift body weight to the left, bending the knee slightly, then reach hands [...]

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The Husband in the Widely-Mocked Peloton Ad Has Spoken Out

Last month, high-end exercise equipment company Peloton released a 30-second ad that has now been widely mocked and called out, with some noting how offensive it could be to buy your partner workout equipment as a gift, and others wondering why anyone would display their Instagram Stories on a TV in front of their family. And now, the disgraced husband in the ad — or, rather, the actor who plays him — has spoken out. In a statement written for Psychology Today (sent to a contributor who happens to be a friend of his), Sean James, an actor and elementary school teacher in Vancouver, Canada, opened up about the backlash that has ensued since the ad's release. RELATED: We All Really Need to Calm [...]

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This Restorative Yoga Flow Will Help You Feel More Relaxed and Balanced

Daily tasks—like sitting at a desk for long hours or bending over to pick up clutter—take a toll on your body and can knock your frame out of whack. That’s where these easy-to-master moves come in. Krissy Jones, cofounder of Sky Ting Yoga in New York City and a Nike Master Trainer, describes them as alignment-based postures, designed to counteract everyday wear and tear on your body. “When you do them regularly, you restore the body to its most optimal state and remove tension,” she explains. The result: a more relaxed, balanced you.  RELATED: 3 Basic Yoga Poses You’ve Been Doing Wrong—and How to Fix Your Form Toe breaker  Start on all fours with legs together and toes tucked. Slowly lower your hips back [...]

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Jennifer Lopez Wore These Beyond Yoga Leggings—and They’re Still Available at Zappos

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to chic workout gear, and her recent paparazzi shots in Miami are proof. The Hustlers star arrived at the gym on Saturday wearing an all-white ensemble, from her stylish white massive cat-eye sunglasses (part of the J. Lo collab with Quay Australia) down to her beloved pair of Kooples by Slick Woods sneakers (which are, sadly, sold out everywhere). But the real showstopper of Lopez’s sleek look was a pair of Beyond Yoga Drip Drop High-Waisted Leggings ($99, was $110; zappos.com). While the singer’s obsession with Beyond Yoga is well documented, the A-lister actually swapped her go-to pair, the Alloy Ombre Leggings ($82 was $110; zappos.com), for this alternative metallic design. RELATED: Why the $92 Leggings J. Lo Swears By [...]

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10 Moves for a Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required

Sure, you can schlep to the gym and hop on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Or you can lace up your sneaks and head outside for a long run to turn up your heart rate and calorie burn. But when the temperatures drop or you just don’t have time to leave your house, you can still squeeze in a solid cardio workout at home. All you need is a little room to move—and the ability to push yourself, just enough so your heart starts pumping and the sweat starts flowing. How can you do that? Two words: plyometric exercises.“[These] exercises are perfect for a cardio workout at home, as they save space (all the movements can be done in one place) and time because [...]

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The 5-Move Resistance Band Workout for a Strong Butt

When you’re looking for a fitness tool that totally ups the ante on your strength workouts, particularly those that target your butt, look no further than a resistance band. Those looped mini bands work wonders for firing up your glutes and working your backside from all angles—a smart strategy for those who sit most of the day, who want to run faster, or for anyone aiming to feel stronger all over. “One of my favorite body parts to train is my glutes—I used to be quite imbalanced, where I was really strong in my quads and my glutes were quite weak,” Emily Skye, Australian trainer and founder of Emily Skye FIT, tells Health. She credits a strong butt for helping to ease her back pain. [...]

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15 Hip Stretches Literally Every Body Will Benefit From

If you've got a pair of hips, there's a really good chance they've felt "tight" once or twice (or uh, maybe even right this second). And you're not alone: “I hear people complain about tightness in their hips during every single [personal training] session,” says Lauren Kanski, NASM-CPT, personal trainer and coach at Performix House in New York City. “Multiple times, every single day, it’s the most common area people ask for help on besides their lower back.” The reason? We all tend to spend a majority of the day sitting down—in the car, at your desk, on the couch—and staying off your feet plays a major role in this type of tightness. That's because that seated posture means your hips hold a flexed (or [...]

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Chrissy Teigen Just Wore the Cutest Alo Yoga Sports Bra—and You Can Get it on Amazon

Chrissy Teigen started taking yoga class this week—and she’s been letting social media know all about it. From a heartfelt tweet about her first yoga class to a quick Instagram story sharing a special birthday class with her mom, Pepper Thai, the super relatable celeb is making her new workout routine known. Beyond a glimpse into Teigen’s current go-to workout, her social media posts also revealed one of her recent activewear picks: Alo Yoga’s Togetherness Bra (from $31; amazon.com or zappos.com). RELATED: We Tried Chrissy Teigen's Hack for Glowing Skin on 3 Different Skin Types—Here's What Happened A great choice for yoga or other low-intensity workouts, the lightly lined bra offers just the right amount of subtle support without uncomfortable compression. Tested in-house [...]

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What Are Pre-Workout Supplements—and Should You Try Them?

Most days it's hard enough lacing up your sneakers and making it to the gym, let alone powering through an entire workout. If only there were an easy button of sorts—or at least something to help you kickstart a workout (and maybe also help you work out a little harder and longer). That's where the idea of pre-workout supplements and drinks come into play (you've probably seen your fittest friend pop some into her water bottle before heading to the studio). But what's exactly in these supplements—and do they even work to help enhance your workout? Health spoke to experts—both nutritionists and trainers—to get the lowdown on pre-workout supplements and help you decide whether you want to try 'em or skip 'em.  What exactly are pre-workout [...]

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Serena Williams’s Abs Are On Full Display In This Bikini Video  

It’s no surprise that Serena Williams is crazy ripped, and yet, when she recently showed off her abs of steel in a recent Instagram post, the world collectively gasped—with good reason. Williams, 38, shared a few different shots of herself in a super-cute blue bikini recently on her Instagram. One was a short boomerang video of herself and her sister Venus dancing on a yacht in bikinis, alongside the caption, “Yacht got time?” RELATED: Serena Williams Reveals She 'Cried a Little Bit' When She Stopped Breastfeeding Her Daughter Naturally, her photo was flooded with support from her fans, most of whom were in awe of her impressive six pack.  "Category is: BODY!!!!!!" one person wrote. Another added, "Ok abs." Caroline Wozniacki, another professional tennis player like [...]

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