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Entrepreneurship Isn’t for Everyone but Here’s How You Can Succeed

Before the rise of corporations in the Industrial Revolution, most people worked for themselves. Now, we’re circling back as millions of workers have had a taste of freedom. What’s causing this renewed interest in entrepreneurial ventures? For many, the turning point came during the height of pandemic lockdowns. People experienced autonomy as they worked from home, spent more time with their loved ones, and could arrange their schedules according to their needs. Unwilling to let go of that newfound freedom, many are handing in their resignation letters and setting out to start their own businesses. Perhaps you’re one of the many looking to follow your dreams. Remember that the road from “I quit” to successful entrepreneurial ventures is anything but straight, predictable, or [...]

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4 Steps for Leading With Honesty and Openness

In my 14 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen many times that open, honest, vulnerable leaders see better results than those who always want to look like the smartest or most powerful person in the room and don’t communicate from the heart. As aspiring or new entrepreneurs look to set foundations for growing their businesses, they shouldn’t expect to lead as the sole people who employees rely on for wisdom, direction, and decision-making. Instead, they should aim to be open to distributing accountability and authority to other smart, hard-working leaders, managers, and individual contributors. Sure, there is value in entrepreneurship in being a rugged individualist — I’ve seen these types care deeply about their organizations, employees, and customers. As businesses grow and leadership [...]

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