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7 Key Lessons on Success From Suits’ Harvey Specter

Have you watched Suits yet? Anyone who has watched this fascinating and intriguing American TV series is obsessed with the character of Harvey Specter. His enchanting personality, witty outlook, and intrepid attitude, leave a gravitating influence on the audience. If there is a fictional character people would want to impersonate, it would be Harvey Specter. Suits is an acclaimed TV series with an IMDb rating of 8.5, which is stellar. A larger part of the show’s profound success can be attributed to the impression Harvey Specter leaves on every mind. Here are 7 lessons on success we can learn from Harvey Specter: 1. It all starts with appearance  It may seem like an unpopular opinion, but dressing sense has a lot to do [...]

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These 7 Daily Resolutions Can Change Your Life

We all strive to be better every day. Most of us want a new day to bring something new, and we plan for it as well. Of course, the execution is debatable as procrastination is real and it becomes an overwhelming feeling at times. Also, not to forget the customary practice of making resolutions on new year’s eve!  All of us are fascinated by the thought of preparing long lists of resolves to mark the beginning of a new year. Not sure how many people are able to translate these resolutions into functional realities. But why not make resolutions every day if you are that keen on driving positive changes in life? Forever lies now, in this moment that we have. Developing the [...]

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