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4 Ways To Stop Feeling Pressured To Say Yes In The Workplace

Have you ever said yes to a work decision you didn’t necessarily agree with or felt obligated to say yes? Chances are your answer to that question is most likely a ‘yes.’ Don’t worry; you are not alone. The fear of saying ‘no’ in the workplace and feelings of guilt associated with it is still widespread, even in today’s day and age. More often than not, we go along with workplace decisions, particularly decisions made by our senior managers, even if it makes us unhappy. There are several reasons for this, but the common one is the fear that saying no will result in us losing future opportunities for a promotion or pay rise and the feelings of guilt associated with this. Whether [...]

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Why Your Belief System Is the Number One Factor to Success

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you think,” but are we really? You may be surprised to know the answer to this question is yes; whether you realise it or not, we are the products of our own thoughts. The life you are living right now, good or bad, you attracted it to yourself by the choices you made. I’m sure at this point in time you are thinking: “Why would I attract failure and negativity into my life?” The Power of Thought Failure and success are all dependent on what we feed our minds, particularly our subconscious minds. If you’re failing in an area of your life, chances are it is because of the barriers you have placed upon your [...]

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