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The Power of Consistency When Working Towards a Goal

Once you have a clear picture of what success will look like for you, what’s the next step? Many times, people will have the desire to reach a goal, but for whatever reason they lose motivation along the way. I’ve seen this happen to friends, family members, and myself.  One of the best examples of getting all excited for a new goal, only to quickly stray from the path is exercise. Now, not everyone will view working out or achieving a fit physique as a success, but it serves as a good example of how easy it can be to fall short of a goal.  Growing up, my family owned a gym. Like clockwork, every January I would witness an influx of new [...]

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How Defining Success is the Key to Being Successful

Could you imagine getting into a car, planning to go somewhere, and yet have no idea as to when you’ve arrived? This seems absolutely ridiculous. How could you get anywhere without being aware of the destination? Yet, the truth is, this is how many of us work towards success. We have the idea in our mind that we’d like to be successful, but there is no clear picture of what this success would be. In other words, we have no destination. I played college baseball, so this failure to define success was quite evident within myself. Before a game, I would say that I wanted to play well, as most athletes do. But what I failed to realize was what playing well truly [...]

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