#918: I asked listeners, “If you had to spend $3,000 on coaching, consulting, or counseling…today, under penalty of death, what area of your life would you pay to get help with? Health/Wellness, Personal development, or Business/Work/Career?” 40% said business, 33% personal development and 25% health and wellness. Tom Ziglar and I spent the bulk of our time talking through the comments. But here is a curious point of interest. I asked a follow up question, “If you could get a coaching/consulting/counseling package for the 10 people closest to you, and you had to pick the same for all, what area would you choose for all of them? 80% chose personal development and 20% health. Zero business. Why would this be? We’ll discuss it in just a moment. If you find yourself thinking more seriously about getting help for an area of your life I’d be honored to leverage my golden rolodex and recommend providers. Email me at kmiller@kevinmiller.co

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Source: Zig Ziglar