We face a stark reality. The world influencers we all follow and revere speak staunchly to the power in their lives derived from people who have personally inspired them. In this show we hear a two minute clip from Zig Ziglar and a story of someone who changed the trajectory of their life by changing who they associated with. However, I did a survey and from it what we discern is most of us aren’t associating with…anyone. Most have nobody in their lives who is inspiring them. I’m not talking about a mentor or personal yoda even, just anyone they are around at all who raises the bar and gives them inspiration. You’ll hear me lay it on Tom and render him nearly speechless. So what you many find is some compassion for yourself not having someone, which is good. But then we try to do justice to ideas for finding a way to have someone or ones in your life consistently who are calling you up and raising the bar and inspiring you to see more than you can from just between your own two ears.

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Source: Zig Ziglar