What is more important than mastering one’s self? The world acclaims those who have mastered a skill and we glorify people for what they can do. What we fail to recognize is the necessary mastery of self that preceded the act the person is on stage for. Did you get that? The performance, whether on stage or an a sports field or on camera or in the workplace, is the result of a level of mastery of self. It is not the most talented who win. We’ve all seen great talent go to waste because the person couldn’t pull their act together. It’s some talent and skill that is honed through the daily fire called discipline and habit and routine. Mastery of self. In this show I bring you Robin Sharma and mastery of self is his muse. He wrote an intriguing book from decades of his teaching that to boil down is a playbook for self mastery. It’s written in story form and I’ll admit, it had me wanting to go back in again and again to hang out with the incredibly inspiring characters. In this episode Robin and I talk about the root issues of mastering ourselves. Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian, bestselling author. His new book, The 5AM Club, is currently one of the bestselling books in the world and his influence is significant, he has 4.1 million followers on Facebook alone. 

Robin is widely considered as one of the world’s top leadership experts and if you search for him you’ll see his clients include many Fortune 100 companies, famed billionaires, professional sports superstars, music icons and members of royalty. Robin books have sold over 15,000,000 copies in 92+ languages making him one of the most widely read authors alive. Honestly I find interest in anyone who is positively influencing so many people and I’m incredibly grateful I invited him to join me on the show. You can find Robin, his new book, “The 5AM Club” and all he has to offer at robinsharma.com

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Source: Zig Ziglar