Tune in for a profound message. You are painting a picture to everyone you have contact with, at every moment of your life, with every action. What does the picture represent? The concept of how and what you are influencing is relevant to all, though we also go deep into Christianity. Scott Stearman is a renowned sculptor whose life size sculptures are the focal point of many military compounds and faith based institutions and universities across America. He has a message he is now delivering on stages across America and in a new book asking, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like?” For those of you who claim Christ, this will hit you in your heart, and right between the eyes. Again however, the message is relevant for anyone who desires to have a positive influence in and on the world. As the saying goes, we judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our actions. And friends, your actions and behavior bely who you are at the core. What you truly believe. Is who and how you are lifting others up and inspiring them to more? As you will hear in the show, Scott is more than an esteemed guest I wanted for the show. I have closely and intimately done life with him for nearly 17 years. This show is similar to many conversations he and I have had through the years over a cup of coffee. Again, if you care to truly have a positive influence on anyone, and even more so if you claim Christ…I implore you, don’t miss this show. Connect with Scott Stearman and check out his dramatic sculptures and new book, “What Does Your Jesus Look Like,” at scottstearman.com

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Source: Zig Ziglar