As leaders, it is essential to seek and encourage new ways to add growth to your business. It helps to keep the company relevant and agile in times of competition surges. Having the ability to think and work smarter is a positive aspect of making a leader’s job more straightforward. Doing all the things you encourage yourself, creates respect among your workforce for you and each other. Small leadership qualities like this help provide a valued and healthy addition to a happy workplace.

If you can master and encourage a high-performance workplace, you become a valued and resourceful leader who will get noticed. Natural leaders who possess these types of skills and growth qualities are a valuable commodity to larger companies.

Here are Five High-Performance Growth Tips:

1. Stay Hydrated

Ensuring your workforce is fully hydrated creates high productivity and a high-performance work environment. Providing or encouraging employees to drink 3-4 litres of water per day will keep them energised whilst at work. It provides an excellent team-building workflow to rub off on your employees.

70% of the human body mass is water, so our levels always need topping up during the day. Many people fall foul of hydrating their bodies and become functionless due to the lack of energy. Having a good clean water supply around the workplace helps employees stay hydrated whilst at work.

The adverse effects of dehydrated employees for a company can be significant. A simple loss of 2% hydration can lead to higher blood pressure, more stress, less energy, focus and functional ability. All of which should not be present in a high-performance business environment. 

2. Eat More Protein

Eating more protein earlier in the day promotes an alert mindset free of fatigue and energy crashes. It helps build creativity due to fewer sugar cravings. Your workforce can build up a good level of momentum throughout their day. Increased metabolism boosts will provide more team-building engagement allowing the day to pass quicker in the process.

An alert workforce will always produce higher activity and work output because of their newfound mental alertness—the benefit to medium and large size companies in providing such processes can be exponential. The business bottom line can increase significantly, keeping shareholders happy in the process.

The benefits of eating more protein will reduce deficiency in muscle mass. Eating more protein provides healthier bones that improve strength whilst encouraging fat burning. All of which keep your employees in a positive frame of mind whilst striving for growth on their development journey.

“Respect is the key determinant of high performance leadership. How much people respect you determines how well they perform.” – Brian Tracy

3. Exercise And Team Building Activities

Promoting weekly exercise and providing team building activity days help to maintain high-performance output. Team building events also encourage people to work together; in doing so, this helps to develop more strength while tackling any potential weaknesses. 

Exercise helps to reduce stress as hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol become excreted. While exercising, our bodies produce mood hormones called endorphins. It is this that determines the upbeat, feel-good factor for everyone after working out. 

Maintaining a high-performance work environment needs commitment from employees. Reducing stress and feeling good is a bi-product of what exercise can do for individuals and high performing company growth.

4. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

If your employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One that can be free from possible illness and lack of motivation will positively affect their high performing growth.

In larger companies, tools and resources to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees should be accessible. Foods such as leafy green vegetables, fruit, fibre, protein and non-starchy sugary foods will help keep employees engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Improvements in focus, concentration and attention span will improve significantly. The creativity and personal development growth of your employees will be a long term benefit for high-performance results.

As a business and a leader, you are helping to provide a positive impact on their lives. Their mental health will benefit, and in turn, you and your company become the vital hub for advocating happiness and wellbeing.

5. Keep Good Sleeping Hours

6-9 hours of sound sleep per night is a guide by the national sleep foundation for optimal benefits. It is an essential ingredient in maintaining a high-performance work environment.

Encourage your employees to keep good sleeping hours. The benefits for them and your business will be significant. A good night’s sleep helps boost the immune system, create a better mood for individuals, and increase high-performance productivity.

Other benefits of good sleep are a healthy heart and memory improvement. Having the ability to think clearer will reduce stress in the workplace for employees. Better team-building opportunities happen naturally when the mood in your business is improved. Having a healthy workforce will result in fewer sick days throughout the year, helping maintain the high-performance values you seek and encourage.

As leaders, you are only as good as the people you have around you. Encouraging and promoting the need to look after your own and your employee’s health, wellbeing, happiness, self-belief and confidence benefits your company whilst making your job more manageable. Why wouldn’t you want to work smart in this way?

Source: Success