Superman might leap tall buildings in a single bound, but even he can’t ward off its paralyzing effects. Is there something in your life you consider kryptonite? Maybe it’s, a person, someone who always brings you down when you reveal your true self. It’s almost as if they have the ability to suck the blood out of your soul, like a living Dracula.

They take your otherwise positive outlook and transform you into what they are: a negative, defeated person. It could be a boss or co-worker who prompts you to feel you can’t do anything right. Whatever the case, you are rendered powerless and weakened.

Maybe your kryptonite isn’t a person; maybe it’s a deadbeat job. It could even be a certain food you can’t resist, and you overindulge and gain undesired weight. It could be drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Even peer pressure from friends and loved one’s can be a disguise for those looking for their own benefits from you. 

Perhaps you replay your past failures and missteps which can wreak havoc on your present holding you in fear of the next step. The results in all of these examples are the same: they drag you down and paralyze you from taking control of your future. Ask yourself, “What am I getting from all this?”

Instead of allowing you to reach your full potential, your kryptonite pulls you into its world. At this moment, the true inner you ends up muted and struggling to get out to be free.

Do yourself a favor and break out! Even if you stumble and fall, rise to your own expectations and be the true you. Whatever your kryptonite may be, take steps now to separate yourself from the circumstances that hold you back. Identify possible issues in your life, see them for what they are, and bring clarity forward in your heart and mind’s eye.

Here’s a few ideas to break free from your Kryptonite:

1. What is it?

Take time to sit in a quiet place and think it through, the answer lies within you. You already know what it is however,  you want to be sure about this before you move on.  Knowledge combined with your experience provides the clues here in filling in the blank. This is one place where the past can provide you with some answers. Think it through from front to back before you prepare to apply this knowledge to change things for your future.

2. Make a Decision

You’re already on track with this one. You recognize the situation, now see it for what it is and change it. Simple enough right? Nonetheless, this requires you to not only decide but commit to avoiding the issue that holds you back and avoiding its power over you.   You must turn this into a “must do” and not a “should do” otherwise you will slip backwards into the kryptonite’s clutches once again.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

3. Distance Yourself

Shield yourself from it by creating distance or boxing it out of your life, but make sure you control it – YOU control you.  No more excuses for yourself, no more giving in to what’s held you back.  You now recognize the issue, you’ve created space, rest up, and get ready for the next step.

4. Enlist Some Help

Sometimes we all need a little extra help to start the process of changing things in our lives. Don’t be afraid to admit you need a little extra push at the beginning. Let go of your pride and reach out to someone. There’s nothing wrong or weak about reaching out for help, but on the contrary, it’s smart and admirable. Find someone you can bounce ideas off of and someone who can hold you accountable.

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” – Les Brown

5. Take Massive Action

Step up, not down to the problem. It’s time to act and move forward with precise action towards where you want to be and whom you want to be.  No more giving into the paralyzing effects of what’s held you back.  Break free to be the person you know lives within you, take action now, empower yourself, separate yourself through blood, sweat, and perseverance for your chosen future.  

It’s time to believe in the person looking back at you in the mirror. Reality check, kryptonite isn’t real and neither are these handcuffs. We put these on ourselves as excuses to fall back on when things get tough. It’s not a matter of whether you consider them real or not. It’s the meaning and influence you allow yourself to attach to them that changes your course or halts your progress.

You have a choice to let these handcuffs dissolve before your eyes or stay chained to your fears. No matter where you are or who you are; you have the key. Decide today to unlock your true potential and leap to your destiny, it’s up to you.

How do you fight away your kryptonite and leap into personal success? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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