We never stand still. We are either progressing or going backwards. Growth is hardwired into our every being and it is a clear sign of health. Life moves toward growth or toward death. Healthy things grow though some seem to grow faster than others. Success is never attained without constant growth.

Oftentimes, many actions that we subconsciously choose, move us in the opposite direction of growth and toward death; even if it is just a spiritual one. We settle for safety and the known world over a vibrant and growing life. We must fight this safety instinct and move aggressively toward growth. The faster you grow, the faster you reach the next level.

You must grow and change and these four tips will accelerate the growth process:

1. Get uncomfortable

We have a habit to gravitate toward comfort and avoid the uncomfortable and the unknown. This is the opposite of growth. We must embrace the awkward and head into the wide open spaces of adventure and discomfort. Only here do we grow. We must constantly push the envelope when we find ourselves in comfort. We must move and take a step out in adventure.

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” – Michael Phelps

2. Have many mentors

We must surround ourselves with many high achievers that we are uncomfortably vulnerable with in defeat; mentors who we can trust with communicating the deepest parts of ourselves. Only when we share where we really are with people who can help, can we supercharge our growth.  We all need many mentors that have specialties and strengths in different areas. Build a team of many mentors to supercharge your growth.

3. Fail more often

I hate to fail. However, failing often and learning from it is the way we grow. We must try and then learn and try again. Falling down, but getting back up with every attempt, time after time. We don’t have to be perfect to start, however, we do have to start and move toward perfection. Excellence is not attainable without repetitive action toward a new skill. Fail and fail often to move toward a higher level of a growth curve.

“Just start. Start now. Fail often. Enjoy the ride.” – Seth Godin

4. Look for instant feedback

Building on instant feedback into everything you do will accelerate your growth trajectory. As an entrepreneur I tend to close myself off and do things my way. However, as I have added a team around me to point out areas I have done well and areas I need to come up in, I have grown more than any other point on my journey. Build feedback into your talks, writing, meetings, and any other task. People that speak into your blind spot will pour gasoline on the fire of growth. Build instant feedback to step up your growth.

Growth often doesn’t feel good, but it is the best thing for you. Move past your fears and insecurities by building on mentors, instant feedback, and being comfortable in the uncomfortable of failure. Only growth will move you beyond the comfortable and out on the waves of the unknown. Never settle and become comfortable in the journey of growth. Be blessed on your never ending journey.

How are you growing every single day? Please leave your thoughts below!

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