A popular question made famous by a certain 4-Hour Work Week author has been doing the rounds a lot lately. It’s an incredibly powerful question and I want to share with you my answer.

By the way, my answer is not some cheap product placement or a dodgy infomercial in case you were wondering.

3 purchases of $100 or Less that changed my life are:


Purchase #1 A meditation app.

The app called Calm to be more specific. It won Apple’s App Of The Year and it’s helped me chill the F out after tackling every fear I have. We all need to get out of our head more.


Purchase #2 A wireless computer keyboard.

Buy a wireless keyboard and use it with your laptop, tablet or phone wherever you are. Every day, aim to write one thing that inspires someone else. Post your written words on a blog (ideally someone else’s who has a large audience).

While you’re at work during the day, observe your surroundings as they are. Single out the positive things you see and share them online for all of us to see. When you type those words on your little wireless keyboard, pour every ounce of emotion you have into them.

Wake up one night, write something inspiring, and feel the tears drip from your eyes as you make yourself emotional because you know you’ve given it everything you’ve got. Know that every word you write for someone else is how you can give back to the world.

You can’t sit at home on your computer all day long and play games, watch porn and scroll your social media like a hamster going around and around on its wheel. Your keyboard is how you take the problems of our society and do something about them.

Know that the words you type will be most valuable when they are positive and instructive. There’s enough negativity in the world and your little wireless keyboard gives you the chance to do something about that injustice.

Wake up early in the morning (5 am) and make it a habit of writing something. “How To’s” work best. As you continue this habit, be vulnerable. Tell stories with your little wireless keyboard and share your biggest fears. Make your words human because that’s what you are after all.

Tell everybody how you had your heart broken, suffered mental health issues, lost someone you love, battled a health issue – these situations and what you’ve learned will help others the most.

Everything you’ve experienced to this day has brought you to these words you type to inspire others. Write about what makes you happy and fuse your passion together with your words.

Know that you’ll get emails after you type these words for at least a year, from people who have benefited from your writing. Reply to these emails and help where you can. Know that one day you’ll get an email from a reader that will cause you to break down and get emotional.

This email you eventually get will be the trigger for you to stop and evaluate what you’re typing these words for. When that moment comes, you’ll pick up your wireless keyboard again and continue writing because you’ll know you’re helping people. These words are actually making you fulfilled.

Along the way, as your readers increase, you’ll come across the evil species we call trolls and some critics too. The words that these people type on their wireless keyboards will hurt you at first and take you by surprise. You’ll eventually realize that everyone faces these same demons.

It’s not you; it’s them. Don’t let these haters stop you from writing words on your little wireless keyboard and keep pouring your heart out.

Your big viral moment thanks to your wireless keyboard will come at some stage. Don’t let this moment sidetrack you from the reason why you bought this wireless keyboard and started typing. Your newfound celebrity status will encourage your big fat ego, and that will take away all of the good your words have done.

Now that your life has been changed forever by your little wireless keyboard, keep going. You can change the world with your keyboard if you keep going and never give up your habit. Typing these words daily is the best kind of therapy there is for the troubles and challenges this life will throw at you.

One day, you’ll know what it’s like to be a leader, creator and inspiration for others thanks to your little wireless keyboard. Until then, keep typing those words. Your words matter and they can inspire others, and change the world at the same time.


Purchase #3 A pair of kid’s soccer boots for $79.95

This purchase works best when given to a kid that comes from a broken home and it will show them that strangers care. When the mother comes over and thanks you with tears in her eyes, you’ll understand the power of kindness. This will change your life.

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